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A New Friend

Posted by
Scott F. Schilling (San Martin, United States) on 25 October 2009 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

I don't normally do self portraits and especially dog portraits, however, here it is. This is a photograph of Kylani - a Siberian Husky that is my new photography partner. I was up in the Diablo Range near Henry W. Coe State Park and I saw Kylani coming up the road as I was driving down. I thought - is that a wolf? But then she came right up to the car and jumped up on my window when I rolled it down - I was a little bit taken back, but she was miles from the nearest home and when I opened the door she hopped right in. I took her to the local vet and she had a chip inserted that we could look up the owner information. Kylani had escaped from her owner and was having a nice time roaming around the hills. As it turns out when I contacted the owner, Kylani was at their home as part of a Husky rescue program and was up for adoption. After having her around for a few days, we were very excited to adopt her. She is very kind with kids and adults and is a great partner - especially when I am in the middle of nowhere in the dark! The biggest challenge is to make sure we run her enough - she is very strong and likes to run and do things with people. I am hoping she will stick around for a while!

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

It's a beautiful story, Scott. Congratulations for this new friend and I hope that she will remain with you much time.
The photo is splendid, full of life, color and details.

25 Oct 2009 6:47am

Arantza from Menorca, Spain

Scott is a beautiful story, really like you regret not to be your new companion, dogs are always good smoke and are best friends. Congratulations to you and Kylani

25 Oct 2009 9:02am

Florence from Paris, France

I like those dogs, probably because they look like wolves. A lovely photography Scott. A perfect place for a walk.

25 Oct 2009 9:45am

Vitor Martins from Lisboa, Portugal

Beautiful story . Dogs are good friends and an excellente company. Beautiful photo full of joy and partnership. Congratulations.

25 Oct 2009 9:47am

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Oh Scott, she is beautiful! and apparently she chose to adopt you, too!

25 Oct 2009 12:29pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Great story Scott, hope to see a but more of her in the future.

25 Oct 2009 2:19pm

Bethany from Michigan, United States

She is adorable! I am so glad that you have decided to adopt her- they bring such joy to our lives! It was a fortunate meeting for you both. And you were very responsible taking her into the vet to check for a microchip- I am a senior veterinary student in clinics at MSU and I can't tell you enough how many times microchips have reunited pets with their owners. So it is good that she has one because Huskies and Malamutes do like to run as you well know. I have a Malamute and she is the best companion :)

Congrats on your new family member! I would love to see more photos posted of her! Does Kylani mean anything special?

25 Oct 2009 2:43pm

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Great shot, Scott ! I love this kind of selfportrait . You got really great dog !

25 Oct 2009 4:56pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Terrific shot. Dogs are very "in" with me. Adoption is an outstanding program.

25 Oct 2009 5:23pm

K.B.R from Switzerland

very nice picture, a beautiful story, great dog

25 Oct 2009 7:50pm

Judy from Brooksville, Florida, United States

God bless you and I'm sure Kylani blesses you also.
This is a fantastic image - one you'll relish in years to come!

25 Oct 2009 11:30pm

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

Congratulations, Scott - both partner and image are quite excellent. Here's to many, many miles and images for years to come - for both of you. And thanks for sharing this joy!

25 Oct 2009 11:48pm

Yonatan from Bronx, United States

Beautiful dog, very nice story, and a great self-portrait to go along! I think that between your wife's triathlon and marathon training and your photography adventures this dog is in good hands. I hope to see a new found passion in Husky photography on your blog.

26 Oct 2009 1:00am

Lambspun from Madison, Maine, United States

Nice to know the dog found you...that is perfect. The photo sure shows two happy pals :)

26 Oct 2009 1:36am

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Yea! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful now partner. Great story and a happy ending!! Thanks for sharing, and do hope to see some shots of her on location.

26 Oct 2009 2:34am

martie from US, United States

She does look happy - and so do you! Perhaps a match made in heaven (or at least a heavenly surrounding). Nice self portrait!

26 Oct 2009 4:06am

LCImagery from Oregon, United States

She is a beautiful dog and glad you got to adopt her. Hope to see some future photos of her... :-)

29 Oct 2009 2:01am

Myrna Staal from Friant, United States

scott you are very talented.. congratulations

29 Oct 2009 2:30am